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Katrina Avant is the founder and CEO of Katrina’sWorks Publishing. Her personal literary works are created from her traveling adventures, meeting unique people and her own personal experiences and deepest fantasies. She has written several books, including The Stone Family and Friends novels and the popular Metro City Series.

After publishing her own novels, Katrina has expanded the company to publish and promote the works of other emerging indie authors, which include: Dorothy A. Cooper, the author of Another Chance, A Conscious Black Man and After Another Chance; Olivia M. Dutton, the author of Mama Said, Keep Your Dress Tail Down and What Mama Should Have Said; Poet Kesi M. Omari, the author of Imperfections versus Perfections and others found here on our website.

For more information on Katrina, come visit with us on her websiteladie drinking wine

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