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Payne before Pleasure and A Queen’s Choice

The next installments in the Metro City Series.

From No Where to Now Here  amazon

From NO Where To NOW Here

Maurice Blair, a former truck driver and award-winning body builder, is a dynamic motivational speaker. He has drawn from these life experiences and of those with Toast Masters International, an organization that builds communication and speaking skills, to better serve his profession as a youth mentor. Maurice has dedicated his life to the enrichment and development of young lives by traveling the country to awaken the possibility of dreams and goals not realized or forgotten. Through his book, From NO Where To NOW Here, he gives the reader a road map for navigating through the perils of every day life, by helping his audience visualize the potential of greatness within them. Although his messages may be directed towards young people, he strives to inspire all who have a desire to SUCCEED.

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What Mama Should Have Said

A Mama Said Keep Your Dress Down Sequel

You experienced Mama Lou’s quirky life and what she had to say about men and relationships in: Mama Said, Keep Your Dress Tail Down. Now see how her daughter Brianna handles herself in: What Mama Should Have Said. When it comes to men, Brianna Day takes her mama’s words of wisdom to heart, but not the way Mama Lou intended. Brianna’s philosophy on the subject of men is to do unto them before they do unto her. Is her approach a better solution than Mama Lou’s? Or should she have listened to her instead? Watch Brianna make her point loud and clear, as she shakes up the world of lies, manipulations and unfaithfulness.


Repentance_frontcover_fina  amazon

Repentance Misunderstood

Have you repented for your sins? Are you sure? Have you been taught what it takes to repent? Time is running out!
Na’eem Omari gives you the biblical steps of true repentance and what it means for your life in Repentance Misunderstood.

The Way_cover_Final_Kindle   amazon

The Way of Escape These Things: Second Edition

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein.” Psalms 24:1 (KJV)
In God I am abundantly excited and eager to share my God-given revelation, because it is too great to keep to myself. Even though when I started this journey, I knew little about computers and such, but God the Spirit revealed to me the things I needed to know to get the job done, in Jesus’ name. God told me to make a list of my hearts desires and I obeyed Him based on ‘These Things’: “Delight yourself in the Lord and he shall give you the desires of your heart”, Psalms 37:4.
The Lord is my song, my joy and my praise.



Penciled In

Book #2 of the Metro City Novel Series

Garrett Pleasant, Metro City’s Assistant D. A., plans to leave his office to become a full-time novelist. But if his newest defendant, Jason Unger, has his way, Garrett won’t live to finish his first book. Jason vows to make Garrett pay for pressing for the maximum sentence, after he attempted to murder his wife and child. He tried burning his family to death, because his wife didn’t cook the potatoes the way he liked.
Will Garrett become a #1 bestseller or will Jason succeed in carrying out his threat of revenge?



Book #1 in the Metro City Novel Series

As Metro City braces itself for its third round with corrupt mayor Craven Wallace, investigator Kobe West joins forces with KT Ellis to stop the suspected election fraud in its tracks. But while the pair investigates the players involved in the mayor’s “re-election strategy”, they stumble upon much more than voter machine rigging. Among other things, Metro City has a serial killer.
Follow Kobe, introduced in Sienna’s Secret, and KT, introduced in Give Me More Than Words, into a world of Corruption, Murder and Deceit.


Teddy Reid ground his teeth as he pounded down the lid onto the fifty-five gallon drum. Once again he was cleaning up someone else’s mess. This time it was for Riley’s sister. Reese had called him from the warehouse near hysterics. He couldn’t make out what she was saying, but understood why once he arrived. She had killed Carrington Hayes.
Brushing a grimy sleeve across his sweaty brow, he stopped his work to glance over at Reese. She stood just a few feet away; fingering the charms on the bracelet he had given her for her birthday. When he arrived, he found her in the same spot; hovering over Hayes’ body with a bloody hammer clutched to her chest. She had used it to bludgeon him to death. Teddy grimaced. Knowing Hayes’ arrogant playboy antics, he didn’t have to ask what happened. More than likely she had confronted him on his cheating.
Teddy blinked. All of this could have been avoided if she could have just given him a chance and accepted him for the man she needed. He wanted to be more than her friend, but she saw him as just another one of her brother’s flunkies, and not someone to be taken seriously. Even with her standing there covered in blood, he loved her and would do anything for her. Maybe now she would look at him, he thought. She did call him to help her.
Irritated, Teddy raked his teeth over his bottom lip. He knew Hayes would be trouble the moment he started sniffing around her. The guy was no good and he told Reese so. But even though the man was an ass, he thought the most that could happen, would be Reese crying over a broken heart, not him concealing a body in a barrel. Teddy turned back to his work. He wished Reese had taken his advice and left the fool alone.
Finished with his task, he pinched the bridge of his nose. Now he had to find a place to put the damn thing where no one would find it. But first he needed to get Reese to snap out of it. She had been standing in the same spot since he arrived. She just stood there in a daze; in shock at what she’d done. She was so out of it, he had to pry the hammer from her hand before wiping it down and tossing it in with the body.
“I…I don’t know what happened. One minute we were arguing and the next thing I knew he was laying on the floor.” Breaking out of her daze, Reese knelt down to touch the spot Teddy had cleaned.
He grabbed her up by her shoulders. “Reese, listen to me. You have to get out of here before someone shows up. Reese…” Teddy shook her; shook her hard. She had to snap out of it. Although they were in a part of the building that was rarely used, they could still be discovered if one of the crew decided to wander in, looking for some alone time with one of the girls. They were in a secluded warehouse owned and operated by the mayor.
Realizing she wasn’t going to move, Teddy decided to fore-go his plans to bury the drum. He couldn’t do that and take care of Reese too. He would have to improvise. Acting quickly, he pulled her to his car and placed her in the passenger seat. Finding a screwdriver in the mess in his trunk, he punched several holes in the top of the drum. He would have to toss the barrel into the river. With any luck, it would sink to the bottom, never to be seen again.


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