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Olivia M. Dutton grew up in a northern city, but spent most of her summers in the Deep South, running and playing in the fields on her grandparents’ farm. She used to ask her grandmother many things about life, while she helped her shell peas on the back porch. When Olivia thought she was old enough to learn about the birds and the bees, she asked her grandmother where babies came from. And her grandmother’s response? “Chile, just keep your dress tail down and you won’t have to worry about all that.”

Olivia never forgot that answer, and so she used it to create her first novelette, Mama Said, Keep Your Dress Tail Down.

Mama Said, Keep Your Dress Tail Down

Mama Lou is dying, but before she leaves this plane of existence, she wants to leave her granddaughters with some words of wisdom. She wants them to know the true mechanics of male, female relationships and the pitfalls that usually come along with them. She wants to leave them with something more than what her mama told her, concerning men and sex, “Girl, always keep your dress tail down”. Explore the humorous, yet touching story, of one woman’s journey through life, relationships and sex.

What Mama Should Have Said

You experienced Mama Lou’s quirky life and what she had to say about men and relationships in Mama Said, Keep Your Dress Tail Down. Now see how her daughter Brianna handles herself in What Mama Should Have Said.
When it comes to men, Brianna Day takes her mama’s words of wisdom to heart, but not the way Mama Lou intended. Brianna’s philosophy on the subject of men is to do unto them before they do unto her. Is her approach a better solution than Mama Lou’s? Or should she have listened to her instead?
Watch Brianna make her point loud and clear, as she shakes up the world of lies, manipulations and unfaithfulness.

Where was God

When tragedy strikes, Angel Moffett asks a question most have pondered, Where was God?
Angel’s life has been far from picture perfect. Her mother dies in a car crash before she is old enough to remember; taking the identity of her father to the grave with her. Raised by her grandparents, Angel soon learns life can be harsh as she endures the death of Papa, which uncovers shameful family secrets; Gran’s poverty and hardships brought on by Papa’s dying; and the wrath of her mother’s sisters who blame her for it all.

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