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Author / Publisher - Katrina'sWORKS

Author / Publisher – Katrina’sWORKS


Lessons: The Complete Series is the latest novel from Katrina Avant.

(The three-part series is also available in individual eBooks on Amazon.)

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Lesson 1: Friends & Enemies

Friends & Enemies takes you on a wild ride through the murky territories of relationships, misplaced loyalties, and fatal attractions, all driven by perceived enemies and unexpected friends.

Lesson 2: Addiction

Cole Porter is addicted to the one woman who doesn’t want him, Amelia Donavan. She had no use for him in high school, and it appears, she has none for him ten years later. So when Cole discovers Amelia would be attending their high school reunion, he plans to convince her otherwise. His obsession can only be satisfied, if she becomes his wife.
Determined to have her, Cole bulldozes through every obstacle to claim her. After much plotting and manipulation, he finally convinces Amelia to marry him. Everything is going according to his twisted plan, until he realizes Raina Carter, one of his and Amelia’s former classmates, has a compulsion of her own—Cole. And Raina is just as determined to have her desires satisfied—even if it means destroying Cole in the process.
Who is your ADDICTION?

Lesson 3: Redemption

Tomás finds Peyton’s proposition to be his right-hand intriguing, and agrees to hire her. But there is a catch; she has to pretend to be his girlfriend for one weekend, to prove to everyone that he’s capable of sustaining a relationship, despite his bad boy ways. All goes well until Tomás realizes he doesn’t want to pretend anymore; he wants Peyton to be his. But knowing how she views him as a man, he must find a way to prove himself, or lose her forever.
Tomás Raya must find Redemption.

The Touch of a Man’s Heart is Katrina’s very first novel, inspired by actual events. It is also the first book in the Stone Family and Friends Saga.

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The Touch of a Man’s Heart takes you on a journey through the ins and outs of the lives and loves of three friends: Paige the no non-sense partner of an interior design firm, who thought she had found the love of her life, until the morning paper tells her otherwise. Then there is Andee, the most outgoing of the three, who falls for the man of her dreams, only to be side tracked by drama. And Dani, the balance of them all, finds unexpected heat in a client’s home. Come inside the pages of The Touch of a Man’s Heart to love both physical and emotional.


What Goes Around… (Stone Family and Friends)

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Airline pilot Dain Sinclair, has always played the field, choosing and running through women at will. That was until he met Taylor Patterson, a no-nonsense woman who didn’t fall for his womanizing charms. Just when he convinces Taylor that he can be a better man, one of Dain’s throw-aways returns with a vengeance!

Dain soon understands the meaning of What Goes Around…


Give Me More Than Words (Stone Family and Friends)

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Justin Graham thought he could stomach the life that his wealthy, self-centered wife had created for him, until he realized he was living it inside of a scotch bottle. Having had enough of the lie and Anastasia’s controlling ways, he packs up his bags and moves out. Finally free from the drama, Justin braces himself for the fallout; fallout he thinks he can handle–until the first murder attempt.
Alfra-Jean Wilson has found the man of her dreams, handsome and wealthy Evan Bennett. Life is going her way, until her ex-husband shows up on her doorstep, looking for a second chance. After rebuffing Julian’s tainted plea to get back together, Jean and Evan soon put him out of their minds, until a series of “accidents” make her soon to be husband question her safety.
Dani Sinclair thought she was happy with her soul mate, Devin Powers, until he asks her to marry him. Hiding a horrific secret, she turns him down and flees to another country to clear her head, only to meet a man whom she could give more than words.

Give Me More Than Words is the continuation of the lives and loves of the Stone family and friends.


Sienna’s Secret (Stone Family and Friends)

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Sienna Mendez thought she knew all there was to know about her deceased mother, until Pilar’s attorney shows up on her doorstep claiming otherwise. Not only has Sienna learned that her mother has built an empire of five-star resorts in Jamaica, but had purposely kept it from her. When she arrives at the flagship resort, Sienna’s Secret, to claim her inheritance, she finds that Pilar’s secrets are much more than meets the eye.

International attorney Matthias Bennett is sent to Jamaica to handle Sienna’s estate. It is supposed to be a simple and quick property transfer. But to his surprise, there is a lot more going on at the Mendez’s resorts, besides sand, fun and surf. After encountering some shady dealings, he and Sienna are soon caught up in a charade that leads them to heated nights—and the biggest secret of them all!

Follow Sienna and Matthias into a world of deception, blackmail and love in Sienna’s Secret.


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